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Technical Communication

Description of module


  • Introduction, Small Talk
  • Talking about your department, responsibilities, current projects,  international contacts

Improve your Vocabulary Base

  • Refreshing your technical “word power” in English
  • Enlarging your technical “word power” in English

Describing Products

  • Relevant Vocabulary: components, specifications, measurements, materials,  safety precautions etc
  • Selling Techniques: product features, advantages, product usability, competitor’s products
  • Communications Skills: paraphrasing, saying it with simple words, defending  products

Cross-Cultural Competence

  • International Product Specifications
  • Quality Control
  • Diverse Standards
  • Work Ethics

Information Management

  • Relevant Linguistic Competence: questioning techniques, replying  techniques, signalling
  • Subtle Communication Skills: body-language, countenance, cultural  behaviour patterns
  • Emotional Intelligence: diplomacy, polite noises, political correctness

Process Management 

  • Relevant Linguistic Competence: verbal expressions, tenses, prepositions,  linking expressions
  • Subtle Communication Skills: giving orders, justifying, dealing with  arguments
  • Emotional Intelligence: flexibility to different costumer’s expectations
  • Tour of Plant

Conflict Management

  • Relevant Linguistic Competence: idioms, colloquial phrases, modal verbs, if-clauses, adjectives, adverbs
  • Subtle Communication Skills: expressing understanding, trouble shooting,finding solutions, making suggestions, personal anecdotes
  • Emotional Intelligence: soft skills, dealing with emotions, keeping calm, dealing with complaints



Times: Friday und Saturday 09.00 – 18.00 o’clock